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How to Sell Cashu Card to Euros!

How to Sell Cashu Card to Euros

UPDATE for January 18, 2018 Minimal amount for exchange is 50 dollars.

1. Enter Cashu Card number. The Cashu Card number consists of 18 numbers.

2. Enter the value of Cashu Card to exchange.

3. Enter your purse/account/address number and e-mail for confirmation.

4. Push "Submit" to transfer Cashu Card to Euros. Exchange time usually is from 15-20 minutes in working time. Our rate for exchange is 5%, minimal comission is 5 dollars. 1 usd Cashu Card is 0.95 usd Euros

If you want to exchange your Cashu Account Balance Click HERE or contact with Live Support Click HERE

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Best Site to Exchange Cashu Card for Euros. You can sell Cashu Card for Euros. You can change or send your Cashu Card in Euros and your payment details by skype. You can top up Euros by USD - United States Dollar Cashu Card.

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There is no check or monitoring system on the deals that go on. Anyone can create an account and offer their exchange services and there will be no check on it. We cannot keep a check on all members and all exchanges that go on. Due to this, there has been a lot of SCAM incidences. Clever scammers register on the forum, offer their phony services, promise to provide an excellent service and as soon as you take out the money from your pocket, they eat it up and disappear (or make up excuses). To prevent this, we have VERIFIED EXCHANGERS. We have a rigorous verification method and not everyone can become an VERIFIED EXCHANGER - especially the people who intend on scamming.

Escrow Service After numerous requests from newbie members, we have decided to offer official escrow service. This will make all the deals between members safe and secure. Our service will remove the risk for you and you can be relaxed that you will have a safe transaction. Escrow will work with any transaction that involves either PerfectMoney or BTC.

Escrow Service works in simple steps:

1. Both the buyer and seller agree to terms of the trade before contacting Escrow Service.

2. Buyer submits the payment to Escrow Service.

3. Seller delivers the items.

4. Buyer checks and approves.

5. Escrow Service releases the payment.

Escrow Service fee schedule:

$100 - $999 5%

$1000+ 4%

If you wish to use Escrow Service or have any queries, please contact with Click HERE - Escrow Service for a prompt reply.

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